Your Virtual Office Assistant

Services Offered:

Office Support
  • Virtual Reception: Receive incoming calls and forward messages
  • Document Management: Scan and file documents in preferred format
  • Develop and edit Office Suite documents and files: Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Publisher
  • Adhoc-Resumes, Cover Letters, Manuals, Emails, Workbooks, Brochures, Posters, Presentations


Medical Transcription
  • Converting audio files to documents in various formats, depending on the requirement.


  • Track basic household or sole proprietor expenses
  • Organize your payables with calendars and preplanned alerts


Data Capture/Input
  • Overwhelmed with data? Perhaps I can help get things organized


Event Manager
  • Experience with national and provincial non-profit and corporate event planning
  • Develop streams of revenue and research funding strategies for non-profit
  • Trade show registration, mass communication campaigns, print material coordination


Research Assistance
  • Business, medical and non-profit research: project related or on-going


Marketing & Project Support
  • Campaign or business development research
  • Tracking/Presentation of research findings: Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • Trade show research and registration
  • Expand community connections and brand awareness: online or print support


Volunteer Coordinator
  • Experience with managing large groups of volunteers in variety of settings
  • Can act as first point of contact for volunteers and filter applicants
  • Design required forms to manage events and track volunteer hours
  • Database entries to manage volunteer contact information and volunteer involvement
  • Update volunteers with new information, send thank you note/acknowledgement of participation


Travel Arrangements
  • The experience of a seasoned travel professional at your service
  • Coordination of online travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Management of travel documents (visa/passport/immunization/travel alerts)
  • Document information about travels for tax planning purposes


Social Media
  • Monitor online presence and make recommendations as needed
  • Basic entries to update your preferred message and branding on popular social media sites


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